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Biz Analyst is a mobile application which securely syncs with TallyPrime & Tally ERP 9 *, allowing its user the access to business data from TallyPrime & Tally ERP 9 * software anytime / anywhere, even when TallyPrime & Tally ERP 9 * offline. Biz Analyst can be used on both iPhone or Android platform and is being used by over 150K businesses.


Biz Analyst is the flagship product of Siliconveins Private Limited, a Mumbai based start-up. Biz Analyst was developed to provide its user the access to their TallyPrime & Tally ERP 9 * data anytime anywhere, even when TallyPrime & Tally ERP 9 * is offline. Along with this Biz Analyst evolved with time adding many features that made it a valuable business tool. With over 150K active users, Biz Analyst is India’s most trusted mobile app for the TallyPrime & Tally ERP 9 * users. Along with TallyPrime & Tally ERP 9 * data you can view multiple business reports, key business figures, graphs etc and make data-driven business decisions in or outside your office. You can set reminders to follow up with your customer, manage your sales team’s visits, increase work productivity, and improve your profit margins. With 7 levels of security for data protection, this app is suitable for business owners, SMEs, accountants, and senior management of the organization.

Biz Analyst Journey

September 2021

1,00,000+ Users

Biz Analyst has over 1,00,000+ active users

March 2021


Digital ledger startup Khatabook acquired Biz Analyst

December 2020

75,000+ users

Biz Analyst has over 75,000+ active users making it the most popular mobile app for TallyPrime & Tally ERP 9 * users. We also have unique features such as Check-In/ Check-Out, Multiple Outstanding reminders, Set follow up, Auto Reminder Schedule, etc.

February 2020

50,000+ users

Biz Analyst has over 50,000 active users

December 2019

46000+ users & 1000 channel partners

Biz Analyst continues with the growth spree with 46000 active users and over 1000 channel partners. Data Entry features are introduced as the latest addition.

March 2019

23500+ users & 820 channel partners

Biz Analyst saw immense growth with 23500 active users and 820 channel partners

March 2018

2000+ Users

The number of active users scaled to 2000 and we had 25 Channel Partners

March 2017

150+ Users

The no of active users rose to 150

September 2016

First User

The number of active users was just 1 and we had 0 Channel Partners, Reports were the latest product launch

August 2016

Ready to Use

Biz Analyst is launched and ready to use

January 2016


Problems Identified:
Lack of Technology to face the ever-increasing operational challenges Lack of data analytics for Small and Medium sized businesses MNCs have access to data analytics that helps them grow

The Solution:
Level the playing field by introducing technology that will help SMEs make smarter and faster business decisions

Biz Analyst: A mobile application that gives real time access to financial reports, which enables the SMEs to run the business effectively



Siliconveins Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Biz Analyst was founded







Mehul Sutariya
Mehul Sutariya, co-founder of SiliconVeins is an alumnus of Georgia Tech, USA, and holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Mehul has a wide breadth of knowledge; specifically focused on Product, Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, and Analytics. His co expertise lies in engineering highly-scalable applications. Mehul has worked with tech giants like Google and Amazon in the past but firmly believes that SMEs are the backbone of the Indian economy. Anticipating the immense potential of SMEs moving towards technological solutions for growth, he along with his friend and now business partner Vaibhav Vasa co-founded SiliconVeins. His expertise in technology coupled with the goal of providing easy and inexpensive access to technology to digitize business operations helped him start Biz Analyst. His vision for Biz Analyst is to create solutions that enable organizations to adopt more and more digital solutions right from business productivity to credit to payments.
Vaibhav Vasa, the Co-founder of SiliconVeins is an alumnus of Case Western University, Cleveland, USA, and holds a Master’s degree in Operation Research. He also holds a Six Sigma Belt certification, has over a decade of experience in data analysis & optimization across manufacturing, supply chain & finance as well as sales and marketing. Mr. Vasa’s entrepreneurial journey began shortly after he returned from the USA where he held the position of Supply Chain Manager at Avery Dennison. Foreseeing a huge demand in Data Analysis & Intelligence, he along with his friend and now business partner Mehul Sutariya co-founded SiliconVeins. His knowledge and experience in data analysis and operations helped him start Biz Analyst in 2016. He leads the Sales & Marketing teams at Biz. His vision for Biz Analyst is focused on enabling SMEs to grow their business, speed up day-day execution, Make Data-driven decisions, and Automate Business Processes.
Vaibhav Vasa

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