Channel Partner Program Policy
Proposal Effective Date: 1st Sept 2023

Who are we?

SiliconVeins Private Limited (SVPL) is a technology-based Startup Company that has a huge passion for innovation and coming up with scalable solutions that empower businesses in solving real-world problems. The company was started in 2014 and since then has developed multiple products, Biz Analyst being one of them.

Khatabook is India's fastest growing SaaS brand that enables micro, small and medium businesses to increase efficiency and profitability through safe and secure digital solutions like Khatabook mobile/ Desktop APP for retailers. March 2021, Biz Analyst joined hands with Khatabook brand to scale newer heights together.

What is Biz Analyst?

Biz Analyst by Khatabook offers data-led business solutions to make meaningful business decisions for the MSME sector. Growing from strength to strength since 2014. The mobile application syncs securely with Tally.ERP 9 & Tally Prime and allows its user to access business data anytime, anywhere. Biz Analyst by Khatabook continues with the growth spree with a dedicated 100+ employees and 1500+ channel partners catering to over 2 Lakh + businesses across India & 22 other countries.

From Dashboard, Details by Ledger, Item Inventory, Voucher level drill down to Reports, Data Entry, Auto Outstanding Reminder, Payment Collection, Checkin-Checkout and setting up follow up reminders, etc., the app has it all. The detailed information gives the user the ability to make decisions in the office, at meetings, or out on the road. Biz Analyst by Khatabook is not only for the CEO and other senior management of the company but for everyone who uses tally data while on the move. It is compatible with all android & iOS devices. Check out our videos to learn more.

What is Khatabook?

BizAnalyst & Khatabook, Both product’s solve different business problems by addresses different audiences. While Biz Analyst solves for enhanced product experience of a Tally Prime user, by giving business owner and his teams access to relevant decision making intelligence on finger tips, Khatabook on the other side is focussed on more than 63 million retailers in India. In a way, we compliment each other by joining our tech, marketing and distribution bandwidth, but on the other hand, we have different target segments.

Why partner with Biz Analyst?

With over 9+ years in the market, having 2 Lakh+ users & 1500+ partners across India & International markets, we have built a very strong product that is very easy to use.

Biz Analyst is the most trusted SaaS application in the Indian market having the most features and offering the highest level of data security. We have a dedicated team that is continuously working to provide new features & updates regularly. We have a separate support team that works on providing high-quality service to the customers & partners, making sure any issue gets resolved within the stipulated time.

Our customers have shown appreciation on multiple platforms & have rated us as the highest app (4.2 out of 5) out on App Store & Play Store.

Who can become a Partner?

We welcome resellers of all shapes and sizes, from one man bands to international giants. If you are a Tally Partner, Chartered Accountant, Consultant, System Integrator or IT Hardware vendor and have a client base using Tally, we would love to partner with you.

We really value more than anything is being able to provide a great customer experience regardless of your size. In this industry, that means knowing your stuff and delivering what you promise. So this program rewards those who will spend a bit of time getting to know us and our products in order to provide a first class service.

Business Opportunity for a Biz Analyst Partner

  • An exceptional business tool with potential appeal for all Tally clients - Delve further into your association with a Tally customer by enriching their engagement through Biz Analyst.
  • Consistent year on year revenue with Great margins
  • Stay ahead on cutting edge technological landscape - we have never stopped innovating on this front - we will keep bring exciting newer updates

  • Other Unique Benefits to Biz Analyst Partners

  • We take pride in building an Ethical and fairly consistent Partner Policy
  • We support our partners in Training & sales skills
  • Access to campaigns
  • Technical Product Support with a strong team of 30+ support experts
  • Marketing & Lead generation outcome focussed joint initiative Support
  • Sales, customer retention, renewals Support to partners

  • Product Documentation, Training & Support:

  • Training would be provided to New and Existing partners in a timely manner
  • Webinars would be conducted on regular basis
  • Product & Support knowledge will be shared with Individual partners
  • Documentation of the entire app, video tutorials & detailed step by step manual of all the features is done on our website Users & Partners can troubleshoot most of the issues directly by searching it here.
  • All the videos are uploaded on our youtube channel as well. Check out the Videos here.

  • How Biz Analyst Works:

  • Data gets synced automatically based on the sync interval set by the user
  • Data is passed through an excerpted piple of AWS (Amazon Web Server) to your respective Devices (Data is on the device -offline).

  • Prerequisites:

  • Tally ERP 9 Version 4.3 & above / Tally Prime
  • Windows 7 & above. Please note that it does not work on Windows XP.

  • User Pricing

    Simple End User Pricing:

    We are looking to provide value added pricing to our customers and offer multiple products to choose from & pay for based on their needs.

    The "Essential Plan" offers Data Reporting, Auto Reminder, Auto Invoice Sharing, Payment Collection whereas the "Growth Plan" offers the following modules: Data Reporting & Data Entry + Check In/out + Follow-up Reminder + Automatic Outstanding Reminder + Auto Invoice Sharing + Payment Collection. This enables the partner & us to achieve higher transaction amount per client as well.


  • 1 year
  • 2 Year + 6 Months Free
  • 3 Year + 24 Months Free

  • Subscription pricing:

  • Essential Plan - 3000 INR
  • Growth Plan - 3300 INR

  • Terms & Conditions:

  • Pricing T&C
  • Subscription charges are per device per tally license installation
  • Payment will be collected in advance
  • 18% GST applicable
  • Prices are inclusive of all the future updates for the module purchased
  • Prices include all the support & services required related to the Biz Analyst app
  • Partners charging one time installation / training charges to the users should mention the "Support Charges" separately in the invoice and not merge with the MRP of the product
  • Above prices are for Indian Customers only
  • Renewal price for the end user will be based on the price at that point in time
  • Company reserve the right to decide the price.
  • Subscription T&C
  • Customers cannot transfer users from one Tally Serial no. to another Tally Serial no if both serial numbers are under paid subscription.
  • Add-Users & Upgrades will be charged on Pro-rata basis (Expiry date remains the same)
  • Users can upgrade from "Essential(1)" plan to "Growth(2)" plan during the subscription
  • Customer cannot downgrade the plan till the expiry date. Customer can change the plan at the time on renewal only.
  • Admin plan will be applicable for all users. Users cannot buy a separate plan for Admin and a separate plan for other users.
  • Customers who paid before 1st Nov 2020 will be upgraded to "Growth(2)" Plan by default. If an existing customer post 1st Nov 2020 wants to buy additional users for "Essential(1)" plan, then all the users paid till date will also be shifted to "Essential(1)" Plan. User can continue to pay for "Growth(2)" plan in this case (till their current expiry date).
  • Customer under 1 subscription cannot upgrade from 1 year plan to 2 year plan. All the users will be under the same plan only
  • Free users received for Tally Serial No.1 cannot be transferred to Tally Serial no.2
  • End User Scheme T&C
  • Company reserve the right to decide the end user scheme.

  • Partner Pricing & Wallet

    Wallet Credits:

    Wallet is one of the simplest way of billing multiple products & services to the customer without the complexity of buying / billing multiple SKUs.

    Partners will have to buy minimum 10000 of wallet credit. There is no limitation to the purchase of wallet credit. Wallet credit will have to be purchased at a multiple of Rs. 10000 only.

    Partner has to purchase Wallet credit from the Buy Credits Tab on the Partner Portal with a purchase price Rs. 5000+GST for wallet credit of Rs. 10000 (Wallet credit less 50%)

    Key Benefits:

  • Low Investment: Rs.5000 + GST only
  • Maintain different price plans/modules under same Wallet
  • Prevents partners from buying separate wallet credits for each module
  • Ease of Upgrades in Plans
  • Billing on pro-rated basis is now possible
  • Easy to introduce more products & services in the future

  • Terms & Conditions:

  • Wallet credit multiple of 10000 (Partner can buy 10K, 20K etc wallet credit)
  • Credits deducted from the wallet will be based on:
  • Module selected by the customer
  • No of users selected
  • No of years selected (1, 2 or 3 year plan)
  • Upgrade (Prorated basis)
  • Add user (Prorated basis)
  • Payment for Wallet will be collected in advance
  • Wallet credit purchased will not be refunded under any conditions.

  • Working of Wallet System (India):

    Total wallet credits used will always represent the price at which partner has to bill the customer. Wallet credit deducted will be on pro-rata basis for Add users and Upgrades, whereas for New users & Renewal users, it will be based at the full price based on the plan selected.

    Partner Margin Structure (New Activations):

    The partner margin structure would allow us to put more focus on partners who are putting serious efforts in selling our products. With our New margin structure, our partners will earn a flat 50% margin on both New & Renewal activation.

    Example-1: If a partner activates:

  • 6 New Users (4 New Users + 2 New Add Users)
  • 2 Upgrades from "Essential" to "Growth" plan,
  • 4 Renewals

  • then the partner will earn a margin of 50% on all the NEW activations, add users, upgrades & renewals.


  • Pricing & Margin structure are subjected to change based on the market conditions
  • Back End Margin will be credited back to Wallet credit (similar to Free unit schemes)
  • Back End Margin will be calculated for activations done from 1st to last day of the month.
  • Free users given as part of the end-user scheme will not be counted
  • Back End Margin will only be given for the activation done with the new wallet credit purchase post 1st Nov. There will not be any Back End Margin on the units converted to wallet credit on 1st Nov.
  • Back End Sales Incentives will be credited as per the details mentioned in the direct payout process
  • Back End Margin will not be applicable for “Add users” done for renewal customers
  • Activations done for International customers will not be considered for the Back End Margin.
  • If a customer ends up making an online payment directly (rather than to the partner), & partner informs to us within 2 business day, then we will pass 40% flat commission to the partner at the end of the month (regardless of the slab) and If the partner informs after 2 business days, then no commission will be passed to the partner. Also, this activation will not be eligible for Back End Margin.

  • Direct Payout on Sales Incentive

    Sales Incentives from June 2022 onwards will be directly deposited in the bank

    Process Timelines:

  • 8th of every month: Incentives on the Partner Portal will be locked
  • 9th of every month: Window opens for Commission Invoice Upload for the same month
  • Payouts to be processed on a weekly basis

  • Below are the details for your reference:
    SiliconVeins Private Limited
    1st floor, YesssWorks, 271 business park, Goregaon East
    MUMBAI : 400063
    HSN SAC no: 996211


  • Payment will be released post final verification
  • TDS Deduction & GST Clearance will be executed as per the government policy
  • Sales Incentive Invoice is a must to receive the Direct Payouts
  • Partners to file their GSTR1 return within due dates so that we can claim input credit on the sales incentive invoices
  • Sales Incentives for subsequent months will be kept on hold if GST input is not reflected in the company's GST account (GSTR2B)
  • TDS Certificate will be shared with all partners within the statutory timelines

  • Disclaimer: *Any changes in the process & policy will be under Biz Analyst's discretion *Other T&C Apply

    Our Expectations from the Partner:

    Our Partners should market, sell, train, install, support, and enhance our product offerings to users through their industry expertise and proven sales and technical knowledge of our products and solutions.
  • Sales
  • Focused approach and Consistent performance (month on month)
  • Partner needs to provide proper Onboarding experience to the customer (Product knowledge & training) during 1st sale
  • Partner has to follow up on Renewals & provide timely feedback. Renewal% should be more than 80%
  • Work closely on every signup-installation and understand reasons why users are not getting converted
  • Planning & Execution of Sales target to be set with the RSM at the start of every month in order to achieve the target
  • Partner should be in regular touch with Inactive Customers (who have stopped using the app) based on the usage report provided on the portal.
  • Product Knowledge
  • Partner & his team needs to have proper Product knowledge
  • Attend training webinars
  • Partner portal knowledge
  • Has to be in touch with RSM's regularly for Updates
  • Support
  • Partner has to provide proper First level support / Training etc.
  • Basic 1st level support: Eg. Add / Remove user, company, basic installation, antivirus blocking etc
  • Direct point of contact to attend Support calls from Biz Analyst customers
  • Other
  • Can work independently
  • Partner has to maintain Quality & Consistency of Biz Analyst product
  • All resources need to update lead status & comments on the partner portal.
  • Stock
  • Partners will get 3 days to purchase the credit in case the customer purchases the subscription online and partner does not have a wallet credit balance. If the partner does not purchase the credit within 3 days, the billing for that transaction will be done by the company. Customer will continue to be tagged to the same partner only for future activations.

  • End User Pricing Policy:

    Please note that any price undercutting of Biz Analyst App (based on the MRP) in the form of Discount or giving it free or doing fake activation with other others/add-ons will not be accepted. If any malpractice is found during operations, partnership will be terminated and your balance Wallet Credit will be forfeited under Biz Analyst discretion.

    Other Policies:

  • Reversals:
  • Reversals will be allowed for 3 days within the same month. Activations done between 28th-31st cannot be reversed in the next month (starting Oct 2020)
  • Post 3 days of activation, under no circumstances we will be able to alter / reverse a subscription once it is activated by the partner.
  • New Partner cannot do renewal or Ex-employee of existing partner cannot do renewal for 12 months
  • Responsibility of payment collection from customer lies with partner. If customer doesn't pay to partner under any circumstances, partner can't ask for reversal or deactivation beyond above mentioned timelines.
  • If the partner is not active or does not have sufficient Wallet credit in hand to activate new / renewal subscription of his customer or has decided to not work as a partner with us, then in that case, the lead will be handled directly by Biz Analyst Team or any other partner.

  • Active / Inactive Partner

    Definition: If a Partner has been commercially active in Biz Analyst business (i.e. New Activation, Renewal, Add User, Upgrade, Biz Mart) during the previous 6 quarters (18 months), then, that partner is considered "Active Partner". This also means that, if a partner has not done any commercial activity (i.e. New Activation, Renewal, Add User, Upgrade, Biz Mart) during previous 6 quarters (i.e 18 months), then the partner is considered as an "Inactive Partner".

    Churn Customer

    Definition: A Customer is called a "Churn Customer" if his Biz Analyst subscription is unpaid for more than 30 Days.

    Partner Code Change

    In order to make sure, we provide the best support to the Partners and Customers who are looking to change their partner, we will henceforth follow the following policy:

    Unpaid New Customer

    If the customer has not yet paid for any subscription and wants to change the partner, he/she will be able to do it from the Mobile app itself. The final decision will be of the customer in terms of which partner he/she wants to take the service from.

    Paid Customer: Partner to Partner

    In case of a Paid customer, we would try to have the same partner get activation for additional users or renewals. But due to certain reasons if the customer still wants to change the partner code, customer will have to send an email to requesting for changing the partner. And if the old partner is an "Active Partner", we will communicate the request to the old partner and will give 3 Business days to the old partner to convince the customer to continue the services from him/her. If the Old Partner is not able to convince the customer within 3 Days, we will have to assign the new partner code of his choice to the customer. In case the old partner is an "Inactive Partner": then, partner code request of customer will be automatically accepted upon his writing to us with a request at given email ID.

    If the customer is a "Churn Customer" & wants to change the partner code(to another partner or Direct), partner code can be changed by customer writing to For Chrun customers, Old partner will not be informed.

    Paid Customer: Partner to Company and Company to Partner

    We as company have strongly believed in supporting our partner. In this view, we don't bill any customer of partner to Company directly and vice versa we don't transfer any direct customer of company to partner. In case, where a customer of partner does not want to buy from the same partner, we will ask the customer to find another partner but we will not bill directly to that customer. This is due to our strong commitment towards partner's business.

    In cases of Churn Customer, the lead can be transferred from direct (Company) to a partner or the company can close the lead directly.

  • If any undercutting of pricing is involved, we have not and will not support it in the future as well. If any discount is offered by the New Partner, Partner code will not be changed and Customer will have to buy from the Old Partner.
  • If the customer has purchased subscription for 1st Tally license from Partner-A and wishes to buy subscription for 2nd Tally License from Partner-B using the same registered email address, he will not be able to do so. He can only buy it from Partner-B if he is going to use a different email ID for the 2nd License or will have to make a partner code change request if he wants to continue to take services for both the licenses from Partner-B.

  • Retention & Renewal effort Support From Biz Analyst to Partners

    We as company strongly believe that, partner's customers belong to partners. We never have intended and never will intend to poach/ convert a partner's customer directly - as that is against our core principles. While, we as special gesture, have invested and put-up a dedicated telecalling team for all End customers:

  • Retention: To ensure that End customers continue to use our products and services to the best its possibility.
  • Renewal: To ensure, we timely remind end customers for their renewals of Biz Analyst license subscription - once customer shows interest for renewals, we request customer to reach out to your partner for it. In parallel we also inform the respective tagged partner of customer via our field team, to approach the customer timely for getting the renewal opportunity closed in time. By default this support is provided free of cost for all Partners.

  • Partner Portal

    Partner Registration

    Each partner will have to register his/her company as a partner and create your own partner code for the company. Each partner will have the ability to track their own leads in the partner portal.
    Please follow the steps below to register yourself as a partner:

  • Create an account here:
  • Add your company & bank details for the direct payout of the incentives as from June 2022 onwards scheme benefits will be directly deposited in the bank
  • As per the timelines
  • Create your own custom 6 character Partner code

  • Partner Code

  • Partners will have to insert the partner code during the desktop app installation. This way, the partner will always be tied up to the user & Tally license.
  • At no point, any other partner will be able to sell the application to the same user or the user will not be able to purchase it directly from the company.
  • Once the registration is done, you can also find your custom Tracking link in the Partner portal. This custom Android and iPhone tracking link has the partner code embedded in it and automatically tags your customers with your partner code. If any user downloads the app using the link, partners get notified immediately via email with user's contact details. Please make sure to share the tracking link for all your marketing activities.
  • If the mobile app is downloaded without using the custom link, we expect the partners to input their partner code in the desktop app during the installation process.
  • Partner will have a 7 day window to add the partner code in the Desktop app in case where the partner has failed to insert the partner code during installation. Post 7 days, we will not be able to do so in our system.

  • Disclaimer: The trademarks used in the creative are not affiliated with Biz Analyst by Khatabook, our products or our websites.They do not sponsor or endorse Biz Analyst by Khatabook or any of its products in any manner whatsoever*.

    Partner Portal Features

  • Partners can view all the performance metrics for any timeline on the Partner Portal such as Revenue generated for Biz Analyst and BizMart, Commissions earned, rankings etc
  • Partner can claim their commissions through the Partner Portal by submitting the invoices in the Track & Redeem
  • Partners can purchase wallet credits directly from Partner Portal through Buy Credits Section using multiple payment options
  • Partners can Activate subscription directly from the partner portal or customer can pay online directly from the mobile app.
  • Tally serial number or license key needed for any activation. Subscription activation cannot be done just with an Email ID, Tally serial number or license key is a must.
  • Get complete visibility of your leads & installations (Mini CRM to track the status of all your leads)
  • Assign leads to your sales team
  • Get detailed transaction list of all the activations
  • Partner can choose to send Proforma / Tax invoice to customers in case of online payments.

  • Feature Requests

    If your client is looking for any specific feature which is missing in the app, please send us the feedback on and we would review what can be done to add it in the app and how much time would be needed to make it available to the users.

    Please note that any form of customization done in Tally will not be captured in the mobile app.

    Disclaimer: The trademarks used in the creative are not affiliated with Biz Analyst by Khatabook, our products or our websites.They do not sponsor or endorse Biz Analyst by Khatabook or any of its products in any manner whatsoever*.


  • Neither party to this agreement shall disclose the terms and conditions of this Agreement to any third party, nor will either party otherwise disclose the existence of this Agreement to the media or general public, without the express written consent of the other party or its affiliates ("Confidential Information").
  • The party shall hold such Confidential Information in strict confidence and shall not reveal the same without the express prior written consent of the disclosing party. Should either party violate this provision, the offended party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement and obtain immediate injunctive relief in addition to any other legal rights and remedies available to such offended party.

  • Looking forward to doing long term business with you!

    Hemanta KR Ghosh
    Deputy Director, Channel Business
    SiliconVeins Private Limited